West Side Vibes

West Side Vibes

8p.m – 2a.m

Join us HERE at Jarays Grill & Lounge

April 9th, 2022.

Black Out Party – March 25th

BLACK OUT PARTY 8p.m - 2a.m

Join us HERE at JaRays Grill & Lounge

March 25th, 2022.

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Let Lose

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Join us on March 25th at JaRays Grill and Lounge for a Hip-Hop show and Dance Party, with local talent. Jarays Bar and Lounge is the perfect place for anyone to enjoy live music that is located in the heart of Everett. Hot bars and cool beer will be ready for anybody to enjoy.

This event is hosted by Outsyda Productions, and Sound City Network, who has been producing quality hip hop shows for many years with artists such as DeLoss, JaySEA, Razklot, VeraTone, Yote.
Come have some good time with friends at this show!

Check out even more of our Music at OutsydaProductions.